Privacy policy

Privacy Policy  

Electronic information resource ITERIOS (hereinafter ITERIOS) - computer system about tourists information, control / accounting travelers applications bookings and requests that contain information on travel products and related services, and through which travel services can be searched, booked and / or tickets purchased.  

The ITERIOS mission is to do easy and fast sharing of information on international travel market, from suppliers of tourist products and services to end users - tourists.

Registered users of the system ITERIOS (both physical and legal persons, regardless of ownership; next - "Users") get a single platform for promotion of high-conversion tourism products and a versatile set of tools for the daily work of tourism market companies.  

We are confident that our services help Users to effectively disclose their professional potential. The basis of our business is focusing on interests  Users keeping user trust is one of the priorities of ITERIOS.  

This Privacy Policy applies to the website and all other related sites that belong to the platform ITERIOS (hereinafter referred to as "Sites"), ITERIOS platform technology, advertising platform, applications, developer platform, and other ITERIOS products and services (collectively, "Services").  

The use of the ITERIOS Services means unconditional and indisputable consent User with this Policy and specified in it terms of processing personal information of User; in case of disagreement with these terms an User must refrain from using any services ITERIOS.

ITERIOS may periodically make changes to come on Privacy Policy; in the case of making significant changes to ITERIOS publishes the relevant message on Sites. In case of disagreement with these changes, an User must refrain from using the services. The continued use of the Services after the publication or distribution of the notice of modification to this Privacy Policy means that an User agrees to the changes made.  

ITERIOS stores all information provided by an User during the registration process and use including reservations or other actions - in the process of talking on the phone, email, in chat, in messengers or in social networks. This information contains in itself data that can identify an User, including but not limited to: company name, company details, first name and last name, date of birth, phone number, email address, address website and postal address, serial / number of documents, visas.

ITERIOS automatically collects information about your computer, browsers, and operating systems system, IP address and others parameters environment Users to ensure the convenience of working with the Services, as well as to prevent fraud.

Use of ITERIOS Services may require indication data for further identification of persons who are existing or potential customers of an User (hereinafter referred to as "Tourists"). An User must obtain the Traveler's permission for the transfer of ITERIOS personal information.  

Users can collect personal data of Tourists and manage them when using ITERIOS products. ITERIOS processes data such as a handler under the guidance of our Users. Our Users, as data controllers, are responsible for compliance with any regulations or laws that require the notification, disclosure and / or consent to the collection of personal data of their customers / Tourists through ITERIOS.

ITERIOS protects your personal data Users and Tourists and provides them to third parties only in the following cases:  

  • With the consent of an User or Tourist  
  • When it is necessary to comply with User's instructions or Tourist
  • When it is reasonably necessary to provide an User or to the tourist services and functionality ITERIOS  
  • In accordance with the requirements of the law, a summons to a court or other legal process  
  • To protect the rights, property and security of ITERIOS, Users, Tourists or the public  

According to industry standards ITERIOS implements a series of measures aimed at protecting all data in the system, including user data and Tourists.  

To create an account in ITERIOS, an User must provide at least the following information:  

  • First and last name  
  • The company name  
  • email address  
  • Country  

During of using ITERIOS  an User can provide additional information (e.g., postal code, title, and company details) to fill own profile in ITERIOS  and help ITERIOS provide more personalized Services (such as language versions interface, upgrade, content, more interesting ads and vacancies). An User accepts that by creating an account, ITERIOS and other persons can associate an User's identity with profile in the ITERIOS system. During of cash replenishing of own virtual account in ITERIOS, User can be requested about providing of Bank User Card data.  

ITERIOS has the right to use information about users of any ITERIOS products, independently from tariff plans (including - and free) for own purposes, including, but not limited to: marketing and advertising activities, analysis of the intensity of the use of products and services, the formation of consolidated reports (without the level of user detail).  

Data deletion

ITERIOS stores the data until the User no longer needs to store them, or until the User account is deleted.

The Users can delete certain data in their account - data of tourists, data of requests and applications, user templates, user records of contractors and any other data that have been saved by the User.
The user can contact ITERIOS at with a formal request to delete certain data, with a clear statement of which data is to be deleted (usually the record ID), or with a request to delete the entire account. When you delete an account, all the data contained in the account will be deleted.


When working with ITERIOS and even when visiting Sites, going to and are used cookies - small files with data placed on computers or mobile devices an user or Tourist while visiting Sites. Cookies are used to increase the convenience of site visitors (Users or Tourists), for example (but not limited to): displaying content in a language specified or adjacent to it in browser settings, displaying personalized alarms and notifications, speeding up content search on sites ITERIOS or partners, automatically display users 'and / or tourists' data in the search process, order travel services and control their provision.  


In providing of informing services to Users or Tourists, ITERIOS can involve providers of relevant communications: through email, sms or communicators. Transmission of contact data to providers Users or Tourists their confidentiality and safety the use for sending messages is governed by the privacy policies of each of the providers involved.  


When ordering or booking tourist services, including ticket printing and other documents, ITERIOS sends Users and Tourists data to the suppliers of the respective services, including, if necessary: ​​passport data, visa data, etc. The transfer of these data to suppliers, their confidentiality and safe use are regulated the confidentiality logs of each vendor.   

Residents of the European Union:

Now ITERIOS is not fully adapted to requirements of GDPR, so its use by residents of the European Union (both individuals and legal, regardless of location) stays at the decision of an User and entirely under the responsibility of an User. This also applies to data entry to the system ITERIOS regarding of residents of the European Union. In the latter case, the Tourists must be informed by an User and give his consent.  


All materials on Sites belong to Travel Techology Lab Ltd. or its partners, and are protected by copyrights, intellectual property rights, including but not limited to: registration of Sites, titles, trademarks, logos, texts, software, database rights and other elements of site content.  

An User does not have the right to partially or completely copy, distribute or otherwise use or reproduce the content of the Sites or program code without prior agreement with Travel Techology Lab Ltd.  

Use of any materials placed on Sites allowed with posting of direct link / open for search engines, hyperlinks to the direct address of the material on the Sites ITERIOS. In case of non fulfillment of this requirement, persons who carry out unlawful activities are liable in accordance with the current legislation.

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